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Give your Garage Floor a New Look!

Your lawn is manicured, the trees neatly trimmed and your driveway is always looking inviting but hidden behind that garage door is not a pretty sight.

Your garage floor is the most forgotten but highest traffic area in your home and can be the least cared for.

Most garage floors are plain concrete that can be riddled with hairline cracks, oil stains from leaky cars, black streaks from hot tyres which to say the least is the normal wear and tear  for a typical family. However if you’re a business owner operating from home your garage floor could take more of an unseen beating from spills, heavy objects being accidentally dropped resulting in concrete gouges, burn marks from welding, rust marks from equipment and list goes on.

Most people reach for the high pressure cleaner and acid washes to try and remove these marks but this will eliminate a small percentage of these blemishes, as a result you will want to simply cover it up, here concrete or paving paint is the quick DIY solution which will look fabulous until the hot car tyres start marking it again or it peels off.

Other options include tiling but tiles can be slippery when wet and also can absorb oils and other potential stains; aggregate concrete can be used extending the driveway into the house, probably not the best look and if it covering over cracked concrete it too will in a short time be subject to the same cracking.

Image provided by Nulook Floors