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Ducted Central Vacuum System: An Investment; Not a Cost.

A high percentage of architects and builders are already specifying the Ducted Central Vacuum System as a Standard Inclusion for their homes they are designing and building.

Lately, there has been increased public awareness about the benefits, advantages and added value of installing a Ducted Central Vacuum System. The system’s benefits motivate more and more builders to install the complete Vacuum System into their homes. The system also helps to sell the property in the future as an all inclusive home.

After all… all homes need to be vacuum cleaned.

This full package vacuum system does not cost an arm or leg, if installed while the house still in the frame stage. It will however provide a lifetime of trouble free vacuuming.

Key Advantages Over Hand Held Vacuums:

  • Enhance the value of your property
  • Less effort when vacuuming
  • Hygienically cleaner
  • Less noise around the house

The system is a blessing for asthma and allergy sufferers, as the unique filtering system allows for better removal of allergens and has more power than conventional hand held vacuums.

You don’t need to lug a heavy vacuum sweeper up and down the stairs, bumping into walls and damaging furniture. With a central vacuum system all you have is a light weight long hose that plugs into a strategically located inlet point. Have instant suction power that removes all dust and bacteria from your living area to a central collection power unit located in remote area of the house, or in the garage.

It’s the last vacuum you’ll ever need to buy! Think of it as an investment, not a cost.