Crafting Timeless Spaces: The Heart of Findlay & Co’s Design Philosophy

Naomi Findlay shares insights into designing timeless spaces

Creating homes that exude both timeless elegance and a deeply personal touch is akin to capturing a touch of magic. Findlay & Co. is dedicated to transforming this vision into reality in every project. It involves crafting spaces that narrate each client's unique story, harmonizing enduring sophistication with personalized details that infuse a sense of home. Let's delve into how this vision comes to life, room by room.

The Art of Flexible Living

Life is an ever-evolving adventure, and your home should be a steadfast companion through all its chapters. Beginning with understanding your narrative, we envision how your space can flex and expand with you, ensuring that your home remains a sanctuary tailored perfectly to you.

Tip: Opt for furniture that multitasks, such as an ottoman providing extra seating and storage, or a dining table with extendable leaves for accommodating guests. This adaptability plays a crucial role in creating spaces that seamlessly adapt to the evolving needs of your life.

A Blend of Timeless and Today

Striking the ideal balance between revering the past and embracing the present enables us to craft spaces that honor history while embracing the contemporary. We cherish materials that age gracefully, providing a backdrop for your life that matures beautifully over time.

Tip: Integrate classic design elements like a standout antique piece or traditional architectural features, then layer in modern accents and technology to keep your space contemporary.

Your Story, Told in Layers

Every nook of your home should mirror your essence. We delve deep into your individuality, tailoring spaces that echo your distinct style. From calming color palettes to unexpected personal touches, we create a canvas that authentically reflects you.

Tip: Infuse your space with items that hold personal significance, be it family heirlooms, travel mementos, or art that resonates with your soul. These personal nuances truly personalize a space, making it uniquely yours.

The Foundation of Function and Beauty

True beauty lies in the seamless fusion of form and function. It’s about designing spaces that not only captivate the eye but also beckon you to live, work, and unwind in utmost comfort, elevating each day with a touch of beauty.

Tip: Prioritize ergonomics in your living spaces. Comfortable, high-quality seating and practical lighting solutions not only enhance a room’s aesthetics but also its functionality.

A Commitment to Craftsmanship

In a world that rushes by, the true essence lies in enduring craftsmanship. We select pieces that embody exceptional artistry and timeless design, ensuring your home feels curated and intimately yours.

Tip: Invest in artisanal pieces from local craftsmen. These items not only add character and storytelling to your space but also assure durability and longevity.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Nature exudes an eternal allure that instills tranquility and well-being into our living spaces. By seamlessly blending outdoor elements into our designs, we craft spaces that breathe, connecting you with the serene beauty of nature.

Tip: Use large mirrors to reflect natural light and incorporate indoor plants that thrive in your home’s environment. Natural materials like wood, stone, and linen can further blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.

Evolving with Grace

Embracing fresh ideas and innovations enriches our design ethos, enabling us to create spaces that feel both contemporary and enduring. It’s about seamlessly weaving the latest design trends into our creations in a way that feels timeless and harmonious.

Tip: Maintain neutral and timeless cores in your spaces, allowing for easy updates with accessories, textiles, and art to reflect current trends or personal milestones.

At Findlay & Co., the belief in the allure of a home that narrates your tale drives us forward, embracing each client's distinct journey to craft spaces that transcend mere houses, becoming vibrant homes brimming with life, love, and individual essence. Join us as we shape spaces that are not just timeless but deeply personal, where each moment spent at home is cherished to the fullest.