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Benefits Of Synthetic Grass

Investing in your home

Synthetic grass is a long lasting and cost-effective option for your home! While it may seem expensive at first, it is actually an investment that will improve the value of your home for years to come. How, you may ask?

  • No watering your grass – saving on water bills
  • No need for a lawn mower – saving time and storage space
  • Adds resale value to your home!

Installing synthetic grass means not worrying about the state of your lawn during drought-stricken conditions – synthetic grass is drought proof and will look great for decades! The stress of watching your grass die while you can’t do anything about it is a thing of the past.


Maintaining synthetic grass is quite simple. A quality leaf blower will remove 95% of leaf matter and other debris from the grass and takes a fraction of the time that mowing the lawn would.

Good news, synthetic grass is pet friendly! Pets can occasionally cause odours on the grass, but this is simply sprayed off with water. Alternatively, you could use a deodoriser, which might be great to use when clearing up droppings (scoop it up as per usual).

Synthetic grass does get a bit warmer than natural, but if sanded correctly it can be cooler to touch than concrete and pavers.

Cost of synthetic grass

Yes, it’s true that installing synthetic grass in comparison to natural grass will be 4-6 times more expensive. It’s a hefty upfront investment but will save money in the long run due to lack of maintenance, plus adds value to your home.

Looking for an installer shouldn’t mean going for the cheapest option. Ensure you go with a reputable company that uses quality turf and gives you a warranty on your purchase. Quality grass should join together well and not shrink or fade.

Other factors that can affect the cost of supply and install include location and access. Can machinery come through or will it need to be all manual? Even the biggest projects are possible, but the amount of labour will affect the cost.

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