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Latest Backyard Trends of 2023

Backyard Trends are always changing. Browse our top 10 Backyard Living Trends of 2023 below to get inspiration, ideas and elevate your home going into the new year!

Gardening Spaces to Improve Mental Health:

According to a recent studies, gardening is good for mental health and makes people feel more hopeful. Through the pandemic gardening and landscaping was angled towards modernising the space. Now post-covid, homeowners are reworking their designs to create more delightful outdoor spaces. It’s clear how much relief gardening can bring as it helps reduce stress while providing an energising sense of accomplishment.


Climate Consideration:

Many homeowners are rethinking the classic lawn options as climate change and other environment pressures continue to increase. Typical grass requires a lot of maintenance, weeding and pest control. Save the effort and opt in for alternatives including native grasses, blue star creeper, oregano grass and kidney weed. Explore more options here.


Conversation Pits:

The housing market is seeing a surge in demand for informal, cozy stadium seating and built-in benches that make small outdoor spaces feel larger. This unique look gives the illusion of custom design without the fuss! It also creates a dedicated space for you to plan around when guests are over!


Stone Pathways:

Invest in natural stone walkways to provide sustainable, picturesque elements that will bring a serene atmosphere of cottage charm into your yard. Choose from materials like granite, limestone, sandstone or porcelain with options such as textured and brushed stones – broken pieces are even trending! Create an interesting look by selecting asymmetrical slabs and boulders for the perfect blend of eye-catching aesthetics & low maintenance living; you won’t regret it!


Terra Cotta:

Get ready for a backyard transformation! The Garden Trends Report from Garden Media Group has just declared terra cotta as the must-have colour of 2023. This stunning, earthy hue is set to bring an exotic twist into our outdoor spaces – think red clay planters and vibrant Mediterranean vibes coming to life in your own garden!


Edible Gardens:

Transform your backyard into a wild, natural paradise this year! Incorporate edible plants to give it an extra Garden-of-Eden vibe. Plant pollinator and bird friendly species so you can nurture nature right in the comfort of your own home. Use organic materials for soil health and season long habitat for birds – herbs, trees, and other shrubs all woven together beautifully will make any space totally lush! Get ready to dive headfirst into an adventurous gardening experience like never before–you won’t regret it!

Victorian Style:

Gardeners are embracing a New Victorian style, inspired by the wildly popular Netflix series Bridgerton. Traditional plants like roses, lilac and hydrangeas combine with romantic elements such as white fences and birdbaths to create an elevated cottage garden design! For maximum effect opt for fragrant blooms that emit an enchanting scent – Eau de Parfum Bubbly Fragra will be sure to add something special for your outdoor space.