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Advantages of Steel Frame Kit Homes

People often wonder why they should opt for a steel frame kit home as opposed to a contractor’s spec home or a custom-built design. In addition to them being very affordable, steel frame kit homes offer many advantages to homeowners.

With a kit home there is no waste and no additional materials – When you have a home custom built, the contractor estimates how much of each material will be needed to finish the job. If they over-estimate, you can end up spending more than necessary, and in the case of an under-estimation, you may be asked to pay more to complete the job. Kit homes eliminate this problem, as they come with precisely the right amount of materials.

Steel frames offer superior durability – Over time, timber warp split and become weak, which can lead to structural damage. Steel will remains sturdy year after year, meaning less maintenance is required in the long run.

Fire safety for peace of mind – In areas prone to wildfires, steel kit homes offer protection against sudden blazes. Steel does not burn and can withstand high temperatures, making your home survive an emergency.

Mould-resistance with steel – When wood becomes wet, it holds onto moisture and can remain damp for weeks. This invites mould and mildew to colonise on its surface and can lead to a build-up of dangerous fungus within the walls. Steel frame kit homes do not promote the growth of mould or mildew, making them superior in areas prone to flooding and for housing those with allergies or respiratory problems.

Insect-resistance an important benefit – Termites, and other burrowing insects can infiltrate the frames of wood houses and rapidly breed. This often occurs without homeowners realising there’s a problem until the activities of the pests have led to structural damage. Steel frame homes however are impervious to insects and can help you avoid costly exterminator’s bills.