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7 Decorating Tips To Bring More Love Into A Home

Invoking a sense of love within a home primarily starts with the inhabitants. If those living in the home are missing feelings of love, chances are this essential feeling will be missing. However, you can add certain décor rules and tricks to strengthen the feeling of love throughout the home. Start decorating now!


Design theory tells us that circles, curves and horizontal lines create a relaxed and casual feel compared to formal vertical lines. A blend of curvaceous shapes and some circles is perfect for a space; think florals, circular geometrics, rounded leaves and soft textured rounded cushions.


Asymmetrically balanced spaces feel more relaxed than symmetrically balanced spaces. An example of this on each side of your bed; arrange two groupings of three to five items per side. Each item should be different but be similar in style and colour for seamless and balanced décor that invokes a feeling a love.


Green is said to be the most loving colour on the planet as it symbolises growth, forgiveness, giving, love of the earth, humanity and animals. Using green as a base or accent colour will create a façade of outdoors whilst inside. It also helps your space appear larger and feel more connected with nature.


Consider adopting simple practises from the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. A part of Feng Shui teaches us that pairs constitute the concept of double goodness and symbols are more powerful when displayed as pairs. Imagery of two people, two matching sculptures or even two matching lamps are great starting points. Other practises include not hanging anything bulky above your bed and do not place mirrors facing the door. Using these practises in a bedroom setting brings about order and calm, allowing for love to flow in.


Personalised imagery can bring about feelings of love when relevant to your dreams, goals and personal relationships whilst still reinforcing your décor colours and style. If you are starting from scratch you can begin with your imagery and take inspiration from its colours, style and themes to use for décor throughout the home.


Art is a beautiful medium to express your personal feelings and style whilst creating a focal point in a room. Simply start with large artwork and repeat those colours, style and theme throughout the rest of the space. Art creates love through soul: humanity, emotion, mood, mystery and story. Wallpaper, feature walls. Furniture and lights compliment and support the art, but they do not create soul in the way art does.


Adding textures to a space with create a sense of luxury and warmth. The more natural the texture, the more loving and connected to nature your décor will feel. Examples of this are stone, slumped glass, pebbles and terracotta.

A loving atmosphere isn’t hard to make when you are filled with love and are passionate about creating something beautiful. Utilising these classic décor rules will ensure your space truly feels like home. Feel like a decorating master today!

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