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5 Must Have Accessories and Appliances For Your Kitchen

By incorporating some extra accessories and appliances into your kitchen, you can really transform the space into a functional paradise. Below are our top five must haves that can truly make your designer kitchen special.


Drawers don’t have to be boring and you can get creative with them to maximise your kitchen storage. Sink drawers are a brilliant solution to create additional storage around the sink base and plumbing, which is normally lost space. While pantry drawers and inner drawers (a drawer within a drawer) really let you use your cabinet space to its fullest potential.

Corner drawers are another great solution for those awkward kitchen spaces. They come in a variety of different heights and widths, and fall deep into the corner of your bench, providing plenty of space.


From fridges, freezers and dishwashers to rangehoods – all of these appliances can be integrated into your kitchen cabinetry helping to provide that furniture-style look in your kitchen. This can be especially important with open floor plans, when you can see your kitchen from other rooms of your home.

Keep your rubbish out of sight with pull-out bins. With a fixed panel attached, it’s kept hidden and is a practical solution that slides out from under your kitchen bench.

Wire-Ware Storage

Custom-built cabinetry means you can take advantage of every inch if your cabinet space. Try incorporating pull-outs beside your oven that are perfect to house your spices, towels and trays. Or pantry pull-outs that will help you de-clutter your pantry and easily access what you need.

Electric Accessories

pop-up power dock could be just the solution to maximising your workspace. They’re perfect on an island bench to plug in that extra appliance, and neatly disappear when you don’t need it.

LEDs make for great accent lighting, really making those special features in your kitchen pop and provide that extra glow in your kitchen workspace.

Roller shutters let you easily conceal areas while still remaining super accessible. What’s even better is they come motorised.

Built-In Appliances

Built-in appliances like a wall steam oven, wine fridge and even a coffee machine are often considered luxury items to add to your kitchen. But when incorporated into the overall design and their placement well considered, they can really allow you to create an efficient kitchen workspace, while providing a seamless appearance.