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Technology Is Changing The Locksmith Industry

The locksmith industry has been around forever, in fact, it’s one of the oldest professions – dating back over 2500 years. Locksmithing has evolved since its creation and continues to evolve in this day and age, particularly with technology changing the way we operate locks. The locksmith industry now revolves around complex electronic security systems as much as traditional keys and locks.

Futuristic Locks

Digital Lock Systems

It is likely that you’re using digital locks in your day to day life. How do you enter your work building, your car, or even hotels? A commonly used digital lock is one that you unlock with a 4-digit code. Whoever knows the code will have access to the building. Coded locks are an extremely popular choice for holiday rentals such as Airbnb’s. This streamlines the check in and out process by not needing to hand over physical keys, plus the code can be easily changed between guests to keep the place secure.

Fingerprint Sensors

Fingerprint scanners are a great security option, as long as your fingerprint is approved in the system. Simply place your finger or thumb on the sensor, wait a moment for the system to verify your print, and you’ve got access to the building!

After Hours and Emergency Locksmiths

Gone are the days of spending all night stuck outside because you can’t get hold of a locksmith. So many locksmiths offer 24/7 services nowadays to cater for everyone and their lock troubles. They are fast and efficient, providing relief to those in a pickle.

Other Technological Locks

Electromagnetic Locks

These kinds of locks only release the door when you press a release button, which is usually mounted on the wall near the door. You may have seen electromagnetic locks in action in hospitals, offices and medical labs.


A more recent advance in locksmith technology is controlling a lock with a smartphone. By using Bluetooth technology, once you are close enough to the door it will automatically unlock for you. It will also lock behind you when you are a certain distance away. Newer models of cars are also adapting this technology and can unlock when the key is within a certain distance from the car.

Locksmiths are still vital in today’s world because whilst the technologies have changed, so have our behaviours. It is vital to keep homes and buildings locked up to keep buildings and belongings safe and secure. Locksmiths are available on call for any lock and security needs.

This article was inspired by SPL Security. SPL Security will be exhibiting at the Brisbane Home Show from Friday 28 February to 1 March.